Volunteer Position – Official Photographer(s)

VOLUNTEER POSITION:                 Official Photographer

TERM:                                                   Available for Application (up to three volunteers)

PRE-REQUESITES:                             Professional level camera and equipment

Current Resume

Availability Schedule/Timetable

Volunteer Orientation which includes knowledge of AIMCanada’s Mandate and Programs

Confidentiality Agreement

Set up separate gmail account for all AIMCanada emails


SKILLS REQUIRED:                            Knowledge of Photographic software and editing skills.

Public speaking or willingness to learn

Making Marketing and Fun(d)raising Call

Phone canvassing for Events, Business Promotional Days or Silent Auction.  Following a script.

Attending Meetings and Events

Working cooperatively and collaboratively with other Volunteers

Professional presentation and deportment

Clear written and verbal communication



The Volunteer Photographer is responsible for providing photography coverage of Board of Directors, TNC AIM Canada BOD, Development Team.

Photographic coverage of AIMCanada Events, Booth Dates and Community Events.


Direct to Computer/Office Assistants or Regional Director any requests for AIMCanada programs:  Be a Mentor; Request a Mentor and Founding Donor Campaign.

Set up and take representative photographs of the following situations:  Mentor – Mentee; Marketing/Fun(d)raising Team Meets; Special Events.

Prior to completion of Term establish process and standards and write these up for next semester.

Notify the Regional Director if you wish to continue you AIMCanada volunteering next quarter.

Book a Career Counselling appointment with one of AIMCanada’s Career Counsellors to ensure your resume is marketing you.


Consultation with Volunteer Regional Director and Volunteer Executive Assistants

Policy and Procedures Manual

Standard File Saving and Standard Forms Templates

Orientating new phone canvassers. Oversee phoning group if needed and ensure appropriateness, accuracy and clear communication of those phoning.

Ensure that data bases are accurate and updated.



Confidentiality Policy

Social Media  and Email Policy

Screening Policy