Volunteer Position – Fun(d)raising Marketing Team

VOLUNTEER POSITION:Marketing/Mentor Team (20 – 25 volunteers)
TERM: Fall Intake – Aug/Sept 2014

  • Current Resume
  • Availability Schedule/Timetable
  • Volunteer Orientation which includes knowledge of AIMCanada’s Mandate and Programs
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Set up separate gmail account for all AIMCanada emails

  • Public speaking or willingness to learn
  • Making Marketing and Fun(d)raising Call
  • Phone canvassing for Events, Business Promotional Days or Silent Auction. Following a script.
  • Attending Meetings and Events
  • Working with cooperatively and collaboratively with other Volunteers
  • Professional presentation and deportment
  • Clear written and verbal communication

  • The Marketing/Mentor Team is responsible for conducing Fun(d)raising Events and developing and conducting Business Promotional Days.
  • Nominate and Elect a Mentor/Fun(d)raising Team Lead.
  • Members of the Marketing/Fun(d)raising Team will conceptualize, organize and conduct Fun(d)raising Events, Business Promotional Days,
  • Assist with setup and attending of AIMCanada Booth at: TRU Welcome Back BBQ (early September), TRU Club Day (early January), TRU Employment Fair and other community events.
  • Work with other Volunteers on the Development Team: Event Coordinator; Fun(d)raising/Marketing Team Coordinator; Computer/Office Assistant; Event Photographer; Graphic Design/Marketing; and Special Projects Volunteers as assigned.
  • Prior to completion of Term establish process and standards and write these up for next group
  • Notify the Regional Director if you wish to continue your AIMCanada volunteering next term
  • Book a Career Counselling appointment with one of AIMCanada’s Career Counsellors to ensure your resume is marketing you and you are well on your way to completing your Career Development/Transition Checklist.

  • Consultation with Volunteer Regional Director and Volunteer Executive Assistants
  • Assistance from Volunteer Computer/Office Assistants
  • Oversee phoning group if needed and ensure appropriateness, accuracy and clear communication of those phoning.
  • Ensure that data bases are accurate and updated.

  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Social Media and Email Policy