Volunteer Position – Development Team – Public Relations/Special Events

VOLUNTEER POSITION:Media/Public Relations/Webpage – Development Team
Project Assigned Richard Wagamese: “Power of Storytelling” Evening
TERM: Available after June 30th

  • Current Resume
  • Availability Schedule/Timetable
  • Volunteer Orientation which includes knowledge of AIMCanada’s Mandate and Programs
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Set up separate gmail account for all AIMCanada emails

  • Knowledge of editorial writing, news reporting, editing processes and public presentation.
  • Working knowledge of AIMCanada’s Programs and Donation Process
  • Developing Media Releases and fanout email file for media release.
  • Connecting with CBC
  • Concise and timely news reporting
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively with other Volunteers
  • Professional presentation and deportment
  • Portfolio of work.

  • The Volunteer Media/Public Relations/Webpage Assistant is responsible for providing editorial content and reporting of AIMCanada activities and announcements.
  • Updating news content and releases on AIMCanada Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Input into webpage development. Use United Way Canada webpage as an general guide to Media/Public relations format.
  • Provide Media and Public Relations support to Founding Donor Campaign Coodinator and Marketing/Fun(d)raising Team
  • Scheduling and Coordinating, Proofreading, reviewing and posting regular updates to AIMCanada webpage and TNC AIMCanada webpage including: President’s Report; Regional Director Report; Events; and other. President and Volunteer Regional Director every quarter (Jan,April,July and September) and other regular webpage content.
  • Direct to Computer/Office Assistants or Volunteer Regional Director any requests for AIMCanada programs: Be a Mentor; Request a Mentor and Founding Donor Campaign.
  • Prior to completion of Term establish process and standards and write these up for next semester.
  • Notify the Regional Director if you wish to continue you AIMCanada volunteering next quarter.
  • Book a Career Counselling appointment with one of AIMCanada’s Career Counsellors to ensure your resume is marketing you.

  • Consultation with Volunteer Regional Director and Acting President, BOD AIMCanada
  • Regional Director to develop content
  • Volunteer Webpage Manager
  • Policy and Procedures Manual

  • Public Relations and Media Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Social Media and Email Policy
  • Screening Policy