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Job or Career Change in your Future?

Our Career Counselors can help with Career/Job Transition, Firing/Termination, identifying the best Career Direction for your skills and aptitudes and with Burnout/Harassment.

Our Career Counselors consider your file complete when you have made the transition you wish or obtained the job you wish. We help you get the interview – you get the job.

As AIMCanada is a Non Profit, your cost is 1/3 of the market rate or $ 85.00.

E-mail myself and indicate briefly what you wish to do.  A Career Counsellor will call you back today or tomorrow and outline how AIMCanada can help.  If situation is urgent, call 250-372-8168.

Our goal is to quickly re-establish your plan for re-employment.  Once this is done, time can be spent in career exploration towards work that you will enjoy.  We can help, 30 years of experience.


Career Consulting Fees

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