• Dawn Koch posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Crazy busy with filming promo video with MasterMind Studios and still photo shots with Bob McQuaig Photography at the TRUSU Back to School BBQ today. It was a hectic day with much help with our TNC AIMCanada Information Booth and the New TRUSU TNC AIMCanada Club. This is a great start to a new academic year and what we learn with this club development we will be able to mentor the developing club at University of Vancouver Island in Nanaimo.

    It was great fun to have Kamloops Domino’s Pizza next to our booth in front of HOL on campus and allowed us to do some great cross marketing. Our student volunteers in both the information and club booths gain valuable marketing experience from seeing a keen promotion team with Kamloops Domino’s Pizza. Thanks Rocky, Tori, Suzanne and Gerry for your indirect mentoring of sales in action.

    I look forward to seeing the photos from today and completing our last shoot for the TNC AIMCanada Promo video. Thanks to all who agreed to be on film, even our shy participants – you rock. Your energy shone and you looked extremely professional.