From the Presidents Desk

From the President’s Desk – March 2014

Another school term is almost complete and many of you are currently looking towards:  Summer Employment or Internship.  If you haven’t already, connect in with one of our Career Consultants to get your written Letter of Reference for your volunteer and/or project time with AIMCanada.  We work closely with TRU Career Education  – if you haven’t been there – do it NOW. A Co-op Program may apply to your program and can assist with financial and gaining work experience.

Mentorship Intake and Experience Gain Program

AIMCanada Volunteer  Students are working on the following projects for AIMCanada.  The work will enable new chapters to have a ‘leg up’ on development work in :  Board Recruitment and Development, Marketing/Fundraising, Volunteer Engagement and Orientation, Webpage Development, Social Media Policy and Advocacy Team, Resource Development, Mentorship Recruitment and Development and Financial Management/Accounting.  This is structured as part of AIMCanada’s Corporate Mentorship process that we undertakes with our Volunteers or students sign up for under the Request a Mentor Program. Experience gained is useful to job applicants to reference work experience and level of responsibility in a document to future employers.  Stay posted for some of our testimonials in the Fall.

Current projects of our Development Team allow volunteers to utilize their Technical Skills, Management, Team Lead/Work, Accounting, Sales/Marketing, Budgeting/Planning, People Management and Motivational Skills, Social Media, Webpage Design and Development, Public Relations. Check out the Gain Experience for further information

Corporate/Business Mentorship Presentations

We will be available for Corporate and Business Mentorship Presentations in April :  contact with Subject of REQUEST AIMCanada Presentation. Last Term Volunteers may wish to catch up on this as it includes detail on our Mentor and Career Experience Programs.

Community Workshop on Career Mentorship

The AIMCanada Board and TNC AIMCanada Board of Directors are planning a Community Workshop on Mentorship:  Getting Involved and Benefits of Career Mentorship.  June is expected to be the month and we will work through Spirit Bridge Consulting out of Ottawa. Please take time to indicate your interest on the Event Posting.

Happy Spring and Summer Break

We welcome you to post on our timeline where you are working as we love, love to hear back on your adventures, career successes and updates.  Thank you to all our Winter Term Student Volunteers – a significant number of you we have heard from in summer employment strategies and written Letters of Reference.  Some of you will continue on for the Spring and/or Summer Terms and some of you we look forward to working with again the Fall Term.  Your knowledge of AIMCanada, our Programs and Projects are very valuable to any new volunteers wishing guidance you are now able to extend.