AIMCanada 2015 Development Team

Jarvis Niedersteiner - Marketing Mentorship Team

Jarvis Niedersteiner has worked with AIMCanada for two terms on our Marketing Mentorship Team. He is now our Volunteer Resource Development Coordinator on the 2015 Development Team. He enjoys working with people and numbers. Jarvis will be graduating in December 2015 with Accounting BBA with a career goal of completing his accounting designation. ‘Working with AIMCanada has allowed me to develop resume-quality volunteer experience in data bases and professional relationships. I have learned that resource development for non profits is the front end of the train’

Zach Cripps - Social Media/Computer Systems

Zach Cripps brings over 15 years experience with troubleshooting computer systems and computer training. He has experience with webpage design using WordPress (several years) and monitoring a Computer Lab. Zach did an Internship with Future Shop and brings knowledge of troubleshooting computer problems, diagnosing hardware issues and computer system setup. Zach is working with the Developing Team as our Social Media/Computer Systems Coordinator. He chooses to spend his valuable Volunteer Hours with AIMCanada as he has experienced the generosity and guidance of a Mentor while in High School. In fact, it is what got him into his work with computers, software and web development.