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Welcome to AIMCanada

AIMCanada is working with the TNC AIMCanada Board of Directors to put in place Career Mentorship opportunities for students.  Our focus is to increase, support and recognize Corporate/Business Mentorship Programs and Individual Mentors within the Thompson Nicola Region.   AIMCanada has several Volunteer Positions currently available.

AIMCanada has a donated office and legal services .  We are currently requiring a sponsore Bookkeeping or Accounting.  We now are working with 2nd and 3rd Term Student Volunteers that have both the skills and passion to create more mentorship opportunities for themselves and future students.

Request A Mentor  -Youth intake is in two youth groups.  Mentorship, skill development and Information programs  are designed on each group’s needs:  Career  Identification or Career Development.

  • High School (13- 18 years) –  focus on identifying possible career path – identifying skills and strengths – developing work ethic – developing resume, communication and interview skills.
  • University (19 – 25 years) – coordinating an opportunity to directly apply their skills and theory to gain work experience – networking with Marketing/Mentor Team – developing Individual Career/Job Search Plans – current tools of job search – progress to Leading a Project or serving on AIMCanada Development Team – secure a personal written reference for Job Search and Career Development.
  • Mentorship creates a career focused and ‘life changing’ opportunity for both the Mentor and AIM Canada’s Youth Mentees.  Login to further explore the benefits of Mentorship.

Become A Mentor – Corporate or Business

About 20% of current corporations and business are currently supporting their employees as Individual Mentors or have an organized Corporate Mentorship Program.  AIMCanada is available to assist with the set up of a Mentorship Program.  For the individual employee we provide registration, certification and screening.  Find out how you can begin to certify and work with youth either exploring their possible careers or young university graduates that are looking towards applying their skills and gaining that valuable first experience on their career path.

10 Benefits of Mentoring link

Thank You for your Vision and Commitment to Mentorship

Thank you to those Volunteers, Founding Donors, Corporations and Businesses that have been so supportive of this Canadian initiative.  Our Youth and Communities in our region benefit from your vision and generosity.  Economic development is built on initiative and skills, as well as, the encouragement and support of these in our youth people or those changing careers.  Creating more choices in our economy for our highly educated, skilled and ambitious youth through Mentorship and fostering entrepreneurship benefits all.