Mahesh Mohan and Karan Sethi, who are students at TRU and also TNC AIMCanada Volunteers, have established a club through the TRUSU.  The purpose of this TNC AIMCanada club is to enable students to gather, learn and share Career Development information.  AIMCanada works on Career Development, Career Consultation and Career Mentorship. The club has adopted a Guest Speaker format to allow Career Consultants, Businesses and other organizations to present to the membership.  The Fall and Winter Term schedule is posted under TRUSU TNC AIMCanada Club on the main menu.

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Achieving a successful move to a career job within your area of study could begin 2 years before your graduation.  Planning ahead allows you to put in place a system of personal/career development and job seeking that will facilitate the maximum deal of experience gaining and personal growth.  AIMCanada is a Canadian Non Profit that has a mandate to Increase Career Mentorship Opportunities in Canada.  We provide additional and complementary information to the Career Education Services of your respective universities.

Where becoming involved with AIMCanada will benefit you is in personal growth, being given a choice of volunteer positions that provide resume-quality volunteer experience, organizing your life long approach to and system for career development, networking with corporations and businesses in a dinner and mixer environment, meeting student colleagues as future collaborators on contracts or projects, learning public speaking by serving in our job fair booth or presenting AIMCanada PowerPoint in boardrooms and getting your resume polished.

If you form a group of student colleagues who wish to have one or two Business Representatives at your table of 10 you can call the Arrowstone Office to arrange who you like to invite to your table.  Phone (250) 372-8168 or email and put Youth Mentor Business Dinner in the subject line.  This dinner is scheduled for third week in January 2016.


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