Annual Fundraising Campaign for 2015 – December 1 – 31, 2015

TNC AIMCanada could not provide the Career Development, Career Consultation and Career Mentorship services for the Thompson Nicola Region without you, our Donor, Event and Program Sponsors, Friends and Associates of AIMCanada. Our TNC AIMCanada Board of Directors has served this region since 2012.

We know that with government funding held to the previous years amount our High Schools and Universities have had to cut back.  Unfortunately one of the areas cut back is in Career Development which initially affects graduates but in time affects graduate retention in our region and ultimately our Economic Region. A recent quote from a university indicates that in the past year they are serving only 30 % of the students that they did the year before for Career Counselling as their priorities are teaching students in course curriculum.  We know there is a need and that need maybe increasing.  You can help AIMCanada to serve this need by developing sustainable programs.



Valuable Career Mentorship opportunities are developed for graduates and made available to them through their universities. Our Student Volunteers on our Marketing/Mentorship Team are made available and meet with Corporations and Businesses in their boardroom with an AIMCanada Career Counsellor where they do powerpoint presentation highlighting the value to Corporation, Graduates and our Economic Region of creating Individual Corporate Mentorship Programs.

As parents, grandparents and program/high school teachers we know that it is upon graduation that there needs to be more support for our graduates moving into work force.  AIMCanada believes that it takes more than institutions, government and corporations to bridge the ‘leap of faith’ that graduates take.  As a non profit AIMCanada is working to challenge all the major stakeholders to increase our collective result of placing Graduates within their field of study and to again emphasize the value of this to the local economy.

Your donation today will allow TNC AIMCanada to maintain this valuable initiative. Your donation, no matter the amount will provide our Board of Directors with the necessary funding to expand Career Choice services to High Schools and Student Councillors and your School District.

Thank you for considering TNC AIMCanada as one of your annual donations.  You support is very necessary and welcome to us as it indicates your commitment to keeping our graduates at home.


Thank you for your contribution.  Your vision and generosity will Increase Career Mentorship in Canada.


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