Press Release: Richard Wagamese ‘Power of Storytelling’ Event

AIMCanada is announcing a change of date for the Richard Wagamese ‘Power of Storytelling’ Event. In conversation with Richard and with his continued healing from cellulitis, a date in October or early November will be set. Consideration will be given to an earlier date as AIMCanada is aware a significant number of you will be travelling to this event.

New date for the event will be announced in May on AIMCanada’s website, Facebook page and personally to tickets purchasers in e-mails. The rest of the event’s details are remaining the same and can be found following the link:

Tickets purchasers for the cancelled date are very welcome to come to the event on the new date with the old ticket(s). We give our sincere apologies for any inconveniences! We are grateful for your patience!

For refund questions contact Dawn, Volunteer Regional Director at TNC AIMCanada:

(250) 372-8168

Thanks for being with AIM Canada!

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